This Space-Saving Keurig Couldn’t Be Simpler — And It’s 40% Off Right Now

This Space-Saving Keurig Couldn't Be Simpler — And It’s 40% Off Right Now

Best investment, not more expensive than buying pounds of ground Starbucks if you buy these in bulk maybe actually more cost effective than bag coffee. Cuts time, and perfect cup of coffee every time without measuring! It’s louder than a regular coffee maker or a French press, but I’d not call it loud, it’s just not.a regular coffee maker.

It does splatter so slightly but probably less so than rushing out the door because of making the coffee and measuring the amount for the filter when tired or on a busy schedule and creating more accidents, this prevents that. Seriously. If you are like me you get it. I have a currently unpredictable schedule this was a total lifesaver and also not going to Starbucks as much now.” — Super Pisces

The Keurig is so unbelievably easy to use, just pour some water into the back, pop in a k-cup and press the button. 30 seconds later, you have a fresh, hot cup of coffee. Overall, would highly recommend. Only warning I have is for those who want to use the reusable k-cups with this machine. It damages the puncture tip when you use the reusable k-cups in comparison to the single use since you need to use a lot more force to get the lid to close, if you keep damaging it eventually it has a harder time even working with a single use k-cup, which causes the coffee to come out much more watery and eventually you need to either replace the puncture tip or buy a whole new machine.” — Rena

Taste is fantastic! I ordered in the pink, wish it were a little less beige and more pink, but that is expected with “dusty rose”. Kind of a meh color. Also the mini does not come with the attached cup holder but i can use that spot to store a cup and something else to hold even more Kcups! Takes up virtually no space. If you don’t want to wake up your entire household and are the early riser like me, it is great to just have it in the bathroom! It is small enough to take camping, but i think i will stick to my Aero Press for that as I am a tent camper. This would be great for a trailer or small RV.” — Tree

I absolutely adore our Keurig coffee maker, which has been a daily staple in our home for the past 3 years. It’s still in perfect condition. Following the recommended periodic cleanings and using filtered water is crucial; we learned the hard way when we briefly used tap water (which is potable where we live) and encountered mineral buildup issues. Nevertheless, this coffee maker’s flavor and convenience are unparalleled. It truly delivers a spectacular cup of coffee every time.” — Maria

Really cute small Keurig that heats up quickly and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Water flows quickly and makes a really great cup of tea. Easy to clean and filter easy to clean as well.” — Bobbi-Renee

This Keurig is amazing. It is easy to move and the color of it is was beautiful. I got the dark green. It is so nice for coffee, but also for hot water for tea. It is a little loud whenever all of the coffee brews out but if it is set away from bedrooms, it should be fine. I was just worried about it because I am in a single room dorm with other people. It is easy to use, though the compartment for water is not super big, it does the job. Overall, love it!” — Alexia Yeater

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