This Portable Neck Fan Can Help Beat the Summer Heat — And It’s On Sale

This Portable Neck Fan Can Help Beat the Summer Heat — And It's On Sale

In case you haven’t noticed, most of America is in the middle of an extreme heat wave. Frankly, the last thing most people wants to do is step outside, but in case you need to, you may want to consider wearing this portable neck fan — now on sale for under $30 at almost 20% off. It has over 32,000 5-star ratings and an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Reviewers love the portable neck fan for its fit, durability, and, of course, the fantastic airflow. One reviewer even says they wore theirs at Disney World on a 93-degree Florida day and it “kept [my husband and I] cool for several hours in that blistering heat.” That is one impressive cooling device.

This rechargeable fan is built with 78 ventilation holes and has a battery life of four to 16 hours depending on which wind setting you’re using. It also comes with a USB-C charging cable.

Since this portable fan is bladeless and wireless, you don’t have to deal with annoying wires that would get in the way or tangle in your hair. You also don’t have to walk around holding the fan or misplacing it since you can simply wrap it around your neck. Just choose one of the three wind settings — weak, natural or strong wind — for your heat relief.

The neck fan is definitely worth wearing or packing for your next beach visit or vacation but it’s also handy for everyday walks or running errands on dog days. The handy device comes in multiple colors, including green, pink, yellow, silver and dark blue.

If you need a little extra push to add it to your cart right now, read on for more glowing Amazon reviews.

Bought this for my mom who is always having hot flashes (thank you, menopause!). She absolutely loves it! It’s light weight and super quiet— a bonus for my mom who already has hearing loss and hearing aids.” — swray

Unlike other neck fans, this one does not grab my hair and the vents go all the way to the back cooling my neck. It works so well that three of my friends are buying it. A microphone does not pick up a sound when it is the low speed. I use it at church when singing, at work, and when I go out. I am also pleased that the battery is easy to charge. So far, the battery is working well.” — Mj

I work in a nursing home and they keep the temperature warmer than in most places because elderly people get very cold even in the scorching summer heat. This thing has been amazing. I was so uncomfortable sweating all the time at work and this neck fan works SO WELL. LIFESAVER! The battery life is pretty good as well. So happy with this purchase.” — Jennifer

“My oh my, Disneyworld is fun, but not in the killer May heat! This pic is from Hollywood Studios, where it was 88F and a concrete jungle. That park is notorious for the heat radiating off all that concrete, and made me feel like we were in our daughter’s old EasyBake oven. The neck fans were a godsend and helped us get a bit of a breeze to help ward off that heat and keep us from getting heatstroke.

The hottest day there, we were at Animal Kingdom, where there is a lot more shade, but the oppressive 93F heat and little to no breeze made it seem like we were in a sauna. Again, we had charged our neck fans and they kept us cool for several hours in that blistering heat. Moving from shade to shade, drinking plenty of water, and these amazing neck fans kept us sane. They are durable, have about 3 hours of runtime on a full charge, and keep your hands free to carry swag or water. Highly recommend!” — AHDHFamilyFun

This product is lightweight and the performance size for travel (I wear mine right around my neck). The 3 speeds allows you to adjust the level of air needed. Power level is pretty good and it seems very durable for adult use (not too sure about kids without supervision). It stays stable and doesn’t slide. I’ve use mine during my son’s basketball games cause them gyms are HOT and SMELLY and outside activities and it’s made a difference. Now be mindful the hotter temperatures are the less cooler the air will feel because it is circulating that air. All in all great purchase” — Stacey

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