The Most Infuriating Things Dog Owners Do That Drive Other People Crazy

Long retractable leashes got a lot of hate.

We love pets, but entitled pet parents are another story: From people who pretend their dog is an emotional support animal just to sneak them into restaurants, to those with unruly, unleashed dogs who swear their pup is friendly, these kinds of pet owners give animal lovers everywhere a bad name.

Recently, we asked our followers on Facebook to share the most obnoxious behaviors they notice among pet owners. See what they had to say below.

Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and length.

1. Taking non-service dogs to restaurants.

“I was in an Olive Garden and a woman had her dog at the table next to us … its hair was shedding flying around, I assume because the dog was nervous and it was shaking. I was so grossed out.” ― Brittnay S.

“Please keep your dog OFF your lap when eating at a table with other guests.” ― Jennifer W.

2. Not putting your dog on a leash.

“I’m a pet parent and hate people who let their dogs run loose. Any dog, no matter how well trained, can have a moment when they don’t obey. It can lead to them getting hit by a car, attacking another animal or person and is just terrible behavior. Leashing is not only the law in most places, it’s for the well being and safety of your pet.”― Kim T.

“I can’t stand when I take my dog out on a leash and other people have a pack of dogs running loose. It’s f-ing terrifying when a group of three or four big dogs comes running toward me and my dog.” ― Bianca P.

3. Using ineffectively long retractable leashes.

“My pet peeve is the 25 ft leash. The owner is on the sidewalk, while the dog is ringing my doorbell.” ― Lita-Marie W.

“People who let their bouncy, berserk dogs run along at the end of their leash while walking on paths in public parks drive me crazy; the dogs run to other people and dogs with no consideration for anyone’s safety. My dog is very friendly and well behaved but can be reactive on leash so I take great care to make sure my body is always between my dog and others and that he is always 100% under my control but we are frequently accosted by other dogs on walks who have been permitted to run along at the end of their retractable leashes.” ― Lauren A.

Jena Ardell via Getty Images

Long retractable leashes got a lot of hate.

4. Pretending your dog is a service animal.

“I’m an entitled pet parent ― I love my pets. That all being said, I’m not a fan of people lying and boarding with their pets under the guise of them being a support animal. That does bug me and it’s my only issue because I feel it downplays the importance of specially trained animals for that purpose.” ― Cinnie S.

“My pet peeve? People who bring their yappy, lunging, untrained, and uncontrolled ‘emotional support animals’ to the store. I believe some people do need them and well trained dogs are no problem. I’m a dog lover, but the people who buy harness tags on Amazon and title their dog as a working dog make a terrible impression.” ― Yolanda R.

5. Trusting dogs with babies.

“We all want to think our dogs are also babies or somehow altruistic but the truth is, they’re animals with their own minds. They don’t think and act like humans yet we seem surprised when they don’t. Dogs are animals and they can be dangerous. Don’t leave them unattended with your babies.” ― Briana R.

6. Calling yourself a parent.

“I have a dog, I might be a ’dog mom”, but I am not a parent. There’s a difference.” ― Mary M.

“When they tell you a story that you think is about a human but you find out at the end that it’s an animal.” ― Melinda M.

Not everyone loves "pet parent" culture.

fotostorm via Getty Images

Not everyone loves “pet parent” culture.

7. Dismissing other people’s allergy concerns.

“People who assume that pet dander allergies are in your head and don’t understand that putting a pet in another room doesn’t fix the problem. For me, it’s usually with cats but I have had several bad asthma attacks from people who think their pet is not dander producing.” ― Lois R.

8. Surrendering a dog because they’re old, not instantly trainable, you’re moving or you had a baby.

“I HATE people who give up old dogs. I also hate those who let dogs fight and people who leave their dogs when they move.” ― Jill S.

“As someone that has fostered dogs for years, what gets me is when people don’t give a dog time to decompress in a new home. They expecting a Pinterest-ready dog on day one. They introduce a dog too soon to a ton of new people and get angry when it doesn’t know how to or where to potty. Dogs get returned because people don’t follow a simple 3-3-3 rule. It also annoys me when people give up a dog because of ‘having a baby.’ The dog was your ‘baby’ first. Google how to safely integrate a baby into your world. So many dogs go to shelters because of this.” ― Robbin H.

9. Shouting “he’s friendly!” about an unleashed dog.

“Unleashed dogs where they should be leashed annoy me. I have a leash reactive dog and when these dogs run up to us while I’m walking him they’re always like, ‘he’s friendly!’ Yeah, but my dog isn’t! I’m not trying to pay your vet bills because your dog cornered my dog.” ― Kim K.

'I’m not trying to pay your vet bills because your dog cornered my dog.'

primeimages via Getty Images

‘I’m not trying to pay your vet bills because your dog cornered my dog.’

10. Assuming everyone loves dogs.

“What annoys me is people who believe I have to love their dog if I like them. I don’t. I don’t want your dogs in my house; I don’t want them chained to my porch making deposits on my lawn. I have cats. I don’t bring my cats to your house and pour their litter box on your grass.” ― John S.

“It bothers me when dog people become angry and offended if you don’t acknowledge their pet.” ― Kimberly M.

11. Letting dogs sit on your lap while driving.

“Letting their ‘small lap dogs’ ride in their laps while driving. I don’t care what size it is, it’s not at all safe and should be considered distracted driving.” – Stasia T.

“An airbag can and will knock a person unconscious. Imagine what it will do to your small pet.” ― Vicki A.

12. Letting dogs sit in the back of a pickup truck.

“Dogs riding in the back of pickup trucks. Slam on the brakes just once and your dog will go flying through the air!” ― Heide R.

13. Looking down on cat owners.

“Dog people that say cat people are crazy or weird. Last time I checked, cat people don’t have play dates for their cats. Also, dog people feel the need to bring their dog everywhere. Unless it’s a service dog, a dog doesn’t need to be at a restaurant.” ― Christina C.

'Dog people that say cat people are crazy or weird. Last time I checked, cat people don’t have play dates for their cats.'

Catherine Falls Commercial via Getty Images

‘Dog people that say cat people are crazy or weird. Last time I checked, cat people don’t have play dates for their cats.’

14. Not being able to go out longer than a few hours because their dog gets anxious.

“I hate when people have to plan your whole life around the dog. You can’t leave for more than two hours because your dog ‘gets anxious.’ That sucks. Having a dog has become like all the worst parts of parenting ― poop, your time being controlled, worrying about feeding, smelliness and loudness ― with little of the reward, in my experience. Sorry!” — Heather P.

15. Walking an untrained dog.

“Dogs who are not trained to walk with their owner drive me crazy. I am not a pet person and when I see dogs straining at their leashes in my direction, it puts me on edge.” ― Tanya A.

16. Not taking the proper precautions to protect others from a dangerous dog.

“Veterinary technician here: It bothers me when owners who are very well aware that their dog is reactive come to the vet (or any other place for that matter) without a muzzle already on the dog and simply tell the staff that the dog can be a bit moody. Worse if Gabapentin was previously prescribed but is not on-board. There are so many unprovoked attacks and bite wounds on fellow techs and assistants.” ― Susan B.

If you have a reactive dog, one vet tech said to consider a muzzle before bringing them into the clinic.

bluecinema via Getty Images

If you have a reactive dog, one vet tech said to consider a muzzle before bringing them into the clinic.

17. Leaving poop ― and poop bags ― behind.

“People who pick up their dog poo, tie it up in a plastic bag and then leave it behind anyway. If you don’t pick it up, you’re lazy and you suck. If you pick it up and bag it and leave it you’re… insane? What is that about?” –– Terri D.

18. Celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Day.

“Dog people who celebrate being a dog parent on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There is a separate pet parent day.” ― Kate M.

19. Getting a dog and never walking them.

“I think it is sad when people get a dog and never walk the dog. The dog is trapped.” ― Holly B.

Why have a dog if you don't walk them, some asked.

SolStock via Getty Images

Why have a dog if you don’t walk them, some asked.

20. Not having a fence for their dogs.

“My neighbors have dogs and no physical fence. Responsible dog ownership should also mean responsible containment. My dog should not have to be bothered with five other dogs (between two neighboring homes) visiting our property daily.” — Tawanda M.

21. Humanizing their pets.

“While I love my dogs more than I can say, I don’t think of them as having human emotions and desires.” ― Lori Ann H.

22. Allowing a dog to pee everywhere inside.

“I hate when people bring their dog into my store and leave their messes for me to clean up. If your dog pees on my merchandise, don’t be an ass, buy it!” ― Jessica R.

23. Not adopting.

“If they say they got their dog from a breeder? Ew. Just get a shelter/rescue dog. They’re the absolute best.” ― Nicole R.

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