Reviewers Say This Effective German Laundry Detergent Is Worth Every Penny

Reviewers Say This Effective German Laundry Detergent Is Worth Every Penny

I had just finished swimming in the pool at my fancy friend’s apartment building, thinking nothing could be better, until I was handed the world’s freshest towel. It was the softest and best-smelling towel I have ever encountered — not floral- or sweet-smelling, but clean- and fresh-smelling — and I instantly needed to know everything about it.

As we returned indoors, my friend was more than happy to discuss his laundry routine. He pulled out a giant plastic bin filled with white and blue powder and with a giddy grin, said, “It’s from Germany. I buy it in bulk on Amazon.”

He was talking about Persil, a German brand of laundry detergent that made its way to the U.S. in 2015. Yet, as I would sadly find out upon my next trip to Target, the American liquid detergent is not quite the same as the German powder. While I can attest to the American liquid soap’s ability to remove tough stains and keep clothes fresh for weeks — laundry enthusiasts on Reddit love how clean it gets their clothes — the dreamy clean scent is far more subtle in the U.S. version, and barely lingers after the dryer.

If you want the whole experience, the captivating smell that will make you bury your face into your clothes like you’re in a commercial, you have to get the powdered German version, which, as my friend told me, you can score on Amazon.

As with many international Amazon products, there are a bunch of different Persil sellers offering different sizes and options. Many have positive reviews in German, singing the praises of this good-smelling, super-effective laundry soap. It’s not a budget item, but you’ll see that hundreds of reviews share how worth it this powder is, pledging never to use any other detergent.

Treat yourself to the freshest, brightest scent that will stay on your clothes and linens for days, without sacrificing seriously clean clothes that stay soft and fresh. Get some German Persil powder and never look back.

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The 90-load box my friend has in his apartment

This container of the German powder, which my friend buys each year, lasts for up to 90 washes and is ideal for all color clothing and linens, including darker wash jeans and dark colors. It penetrates your fabric to get rid of tough stains while still keeping your clothes looking crisp, even after many washes. The formula also works to keep your washing machine clean and fresh as it cleans your clothes.


The 50-load box made especially for whites and lighter colors

Keep your whites and lighter color laundry looking bright and fresh with this 50-load box of real German Persil. It has strong stain-removing capabilities, keeping your clothes looking brand new, even after many washes. It also cleans your washing machine as it cleans your clothes, keeping everything with that amazing scent.

Promising review: “This is the BEST laundry detergent money can buy! The clothes come out soft, truly clean with a classic clean laundry scent. My whites have never been whiter, and colors so vivid. This detergent is also wonderful at removing stains. After switching to Persil Powder, I don’t know that I’ll ever go back.” — Jake


A mini set of Persil for 16 loads

If you just want to try it on a few loads before committing to the bulk container, this box has enough for 16 washes, promising that amazing fresh scent and strong strain removal. This formula is made to protect white and lighter color clothes, though you can use it on all colors.

Promising review: “I started using Persil when living in Europe and missed it when I came back to the US. The scent is clean and fresh and the cleaning is superb. Plus, I like the idea of using a powder rather than a liquid detergent due to the terrible effect on the environment of all those plastic jugs. I’m glad to be able to get real German Persil through Amazon.” — LMM


A bulk box of dark color detergent for 100 washes

To keep your dark colors deep and clean, this formula is made for darker fabrics. This original German powder formula smells amazing and helps to keep your clothes soft and crisp while getting rid of even the toughest stains.

Promising review: “Clothes come out clean, fresh, and with fewer wrinkles. Love it!” — Angela Lee

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