Let 2021 Be The Year You Celebrate What You

Let 2021 Be The Year You Celebrate What You

Well, we made it. 2020 is finally over. And while many of the things that defined that fantastically horrible year for many parents ― quarantine, remote school, a constant state of anxiety ― are ongoing, the new year does give us a chance to mentally reset a bit.

I think that’s particularly important for parents who spent the past nine months (and counting) just trying to get by. Sure, we cut ourselves much-deserved slack, but we didn’t ever get to revel in the things we truly excelled at and deserve immense credit for during unprecedented times: keeping our families safe while trying to work and home-school and not go completely bonkers.

Now I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions because, well, I never keep them. But I do believe in the benefit of patting yourself on the back when you handle a situation with your kids well. And, as I wrote at the beginning of the pandemic, now is certainly the time to grant yourself some grace as a parent.

And I’m not alone in thinking that.

Back in December, Chrissy Teigen posted on Instagram about “one thing [she has] gotten very good at” is stopping and listening to her kids when they need undivided attention.

I love how she framed that statement: something she’s gotten good at as a parent. We don’t self-praise like that often, if at all, especially now. It’s essential ― if we’re going to power through until all of this is behind us ― that we spend some time thinking about the things that have gone well over the past year. What have you, as a parent, leaned into? What have you done well that you want to continue doing post-pandemic?

So in lieu of a resolution, I’m vowing (see what I did there?) to stop and give myself credit where credit is due, especially during this ongoing pandemic.

Parents everywhere are running on fumes and we deserve to applaud our wins, no matter how big or small or few and far between they might seem.

Join me (and Chrissy), won’t you?

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