Katy Perry Gets Real About The Messy Parts Of Postpartum Life

Katy Perry welcomed her first child, a daughter named Daisy, in August.

Katy Perry is not one to mince words about her postpartum experience.

The singer and fiancé Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child together, Daisy Dove Bloom, in August. While Perry has been very open about the joy and wonder of motherhood, she has also gotten real about the messy parts.

“Nobody talks about the first six weeks after you have the baby,” Perry said during an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday. “Oh my god, that’s wild! What a roller coaster!”

She explained that her album “Smile” came out shortly after Daisy’s birth, so things were a little different from her other records.

“You know, every other album cycle, there’d be some kind of celebration or party or dinner, whatever, you know,” the artist said. “But this time, I was giving birth to the greatest gift of all for me, and then my album came out the next day, and I was in the hospital, and I could not wipe my own butt. I was like, ‘This is the most unusual album release day for me.’”

Perry has been incredibly candid about her body’s transformation through pregnancy and parenthood.

In late August, she shared a bathroom mirror selfie that showed her wearing a Medela nursing bra and Frida Mom underwear. She followed it up in October with a photo of herself in a cow-print outfit with the caption “MUTHA MILKS is back to werk @americanidol and it’s udderly ridiculously MOO-ving already! Not pictured: my pumping breaks.”

On Monday, Perry appeared on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and spoke more about her life as a new mom.

She talked about her routine and getting back to work after welcoming her baby girl.

“I did start filming ‘American Idol’ Season 4 after I’d given birth, five weeks later,” she recalled. “And I didn’t plan that, but it was like, ‘Oh, my god!’ It was so intense, you know? Giving birth, and then going back to work and breastfeeding, and going like — Holy crap! This is what women do? Oh my god!”

She concluded by sharing her appreciation for the strength of mothers and women overall:

“Women are the most powerful beings on the planet!”

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