If You Haven’t Tried These 63 Extremely Useful Products, You Really Should

If You Haven't Tried These 63 Extremely Useful Products, You Really Should

A heatless, cushioned curling rod headband to give you the loose curls of your dreams

Wrap your washed, damp hair around it as part of your bedtime routine, and when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have flowing uniform curls.

The set comes with a curling rod, two hair scrunchies, a claw hair clip and two duckbill hair clips to set it in place. It’s made to work with all hair types. Remember to roll with damp hair for the best results. It’s available in 7 colors.

Promising reviews: “Before purchasing, I’d seen a lot of reviews and tutorials on TikTok showing the results. My hair is thick, coarse, and naturally wavy, so I figured this might be a good alternative to rollers that are time-consuming to put in, difficult to sleep in, and ultimately not worth it. And MAN was I right to be hopeful. Wrap pieces of damp hair around it before bed, the tighter the wrap, the tighter the curl. Easy to sleep in since there’s nothing on the back of your head, and my curls are BOUNCY the next morning. My only complaint is that it doesn’t help give any top-volume, but nothing some teasing can’t fix. 10/10. I’ll never go back to a curling iron.” — Mariah

“I am obsessed with this. Takes five minutes to put in the night before and you have perfect beach waves for the whole day. I can actually say ‘I woke up like this!’ I have naturally straight hair so in order to keep the curls, I wash my hair then when it’s damp I put mousse in it and then dry it until it’s just barely damp. That’s when I wrap it around the tube curler and go to bed.” — Brianna Wagner

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