25 Hilarious Pregnancy Brain Moments

by Dan Pearce (

I have been around enough pregnant women to know that Pregnancy Brain is an incredibly real and awfully funny thing. So, I knew we would get some amazing replies when I asked this question on the SDL Facebook page:

What is the craziest thing you or your significant other has ever done while suffering from PREGNANCY BRAIN?

These are 25 of my favorite replies!

1. I cried when I didn’t make cookies for the nurses when I was in labor…

2. I was in a hurry one day, and weeks away from delivery… I left the house to take my son to school and run a few errands. It wasn’t until the cashier at the market said, did you know you have a towel on your head that I realized I hadn’t done my hair after a shower. I had gone to 2 other places like that before someone said something! I got in the car and cried.

3. Walked out of the house with everything including baby and baby accessories… everything except pants.

4. I went through a car wash with about 200 dollars worth of groceries in the back of the truck.

5. I bawled like a baby BC I couldn’t find matching socks. The sob fest lasted so long that I was late for work. My husband tried to let me wear his socks and then I cried even harder bc they weren’t MY socks. He reminds me of that every time I mention another baby.

6. Searched and searched for my glasses and was so upset because I just got them (I used to wear contacts all the time). Upset and crying, I called my husband. He comes home looks at me and says I see you found your glasses. I burst into tears crying because I hadn’t found them; they were on my face all day.

7. I cried at Smiths when they didn’t have any ripe avocados and actually told the produce worker “I hope you are happy, you pathetic punk…. I hate you….” He then found me in the check out and handed me 2 ripe avocados and said “my wife is pregnant too, it’s ok.”

8. I tossed my dog a dryer sheet before walking out of the house instead of a dog biscuit. Fail.

9. I plugged the surge protector into itself and wondered why it wouldn’t come on.

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