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Which is better 3D ultrasound or 4D ultrasound?

3D ultrasounds show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D ultrasounds show moving 3D ultrasound images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.  It’s natural to be really excited by the prospect of your first scan. But some mums find the standard 2D scans disappointing when all they see is a grey, blurry outline. […]

When can you get a 3D ultrasound to determine gender?

When can you get a 3D ultrasound to determine gender?

First and foremost, 3D ultrasounds provide a surface rendering. The details of the genitals are not clearly present at an early gestational age. While 3D ultrasounds may confirm the gender of the baby, the details are best after 16 weeks of gestation. However, the most accurate method to determine the gender of a baby as […]

Can you see hair in a 3D ultrasound?

can you see hair with a 3d ultrasound

There are a variety of factors that ultimately determine if we are able to see hair in a 3D ultrasound. Many expecting parents are curious if they will be able to see the baby’s hair during their 3D ultrasound session. While HDLive 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound technology do not display “stands” of hair, the rendering may display contours on the baby’s head […]

How much is a 3D ultrasound?

How much is a 3D ultrasound

There are a variety of different HDLive 3D Ultrasound packages available. We offer 3D Ultrasound packages that usually ranges from $50 to $250 where you are encouraged to invite family and friends to share in a comfortable, non-medical setting. Our elective, non-diagnostic ultrasound services are not covered by insurance. They’re not performed by physicians and our services are […]

Are 3D ultrasounds safe?

Like regular ultrasounds, 3D and 4D ultrasounds use sound waves to create an image of your baby in your womb. … Some doctors like 3D and 4D ultrasounds because they can show certain birth defects, such as cleft palate, that might not show up on a standard ultrasound. Studies suggest that 3D and 4D ultrasounds are safe