Breville’s ‘Versatile’ Reviewer-Favorite Countertop Oven Is On Sale Right Now

Breville’s 'Versatile' Reviewer-Favorite Countertop Oven Is On Sale Right Now

Toaster ovens have come a long way from their greasy, college dorm-room heyday. There are plenty of models out there that offer the same — if not more — bells and whistles as a traditional wall oven. One particular customer-favorite option, Breville’s smart countertop oven air fryer, is on sale today for $279.95 on Amazon, $70 less than its regular price of $349.95.

This highly rated appliance has 11 cooking functions, including toasting, broiling, baking, pizza, roasting, reheating and, of course, a specialized air frying setting. It uses convection (meaning it has a built-in fan that circulates hot air around the inside of the oven for quicker heating) to reduce cooking time by 30% and give you perfectly crispy food. And thanks to its smart technology, it knows exactly where and how much heat to spread to the food you’re cooking so you don’t have any cold or lukewarm spots.

The stainless steel oven comes with multiple accessories, including an air fryer basket, enamel roasting pan, 13-inch nonstick pizza pan, wire rack and broiling rack. You can easily keep an eye on your cook time and progress with its LCD display.

If you need a little more convincing to add it to your cart, check out these rave Amazon reviews for the oven, which has an overall Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars:

“I bought this to replace my Toaster. So far, I’ve used it to toast bagels, make melted sandwiches, bake rolls and biscuits, and to air fry two filet minions … It has worked well for all of these. I would highly recommend this versatile addition to your countertop.” — Russ White

“This replaced our smaller 12 year old Breville smart oven. That oven still worked but the door spring broke and that was the excuse we needed to upgrade to this oven. This oven is quieter and has far more functions and features. We have already air fried a 6 lb chicken with excellent results (sous vide it first then crisped the outside for 5 min with air-fry). So far have used 2/3 of the functions and all worked great.” — Lochaven

“I have been wanting this for a very long time and finally decided to take the plunge and order it. Let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint. Easy to clean, pleasant to look at, cooks food better than other ovens I have had in the past. So far I have no complaints and hope that like other breville products I own that is lasts a very long time due to the high price tag. Well worth the splurge for me. Love it!” — Norean

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