45 Tiny Ways To Feel Like You’re Living A Truly Luxurious Life

45 Tiny Ways To Feel Like You're Living A Truly Luxurious Life

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Place a spa-esque towel warmer in your bathroom

It can fit up to two oversized bath towels and heats up in just one minute, with a built-in auto-off feature for safety. You can throw your PJs in here, too, to warm them up before bed! This particular towel warmer also comes in some adorable colors, like light blue and pink.

Get a closer look at it on TikTok!

Promising review: “So, I am one of those people that usually runs colder than most. I get out of the shower, and am usually FREEZING even with a towel wrapped around me. THIS CHANGED THE GAME!! I put my towel in before my shower (I like 15–20 minutes to heat it), and when I pull it out, it is warm throughout the entire towel and if I leave the lid off after pulling out my towel (I’ve turned off the machine at this point) the residual heat helps to heat the room. Since I have gotten this towel warmer, I have recommended it to almost every person in my family. I LOVE IT!! So worth it!! Update: The husband has also taken to using it for every shower. STILL so in love!” — Sara


And replace those old towels with oversized waffle-weave ones

Promising reviews: “These towels are large and the thickest towels we ever had, and I’m talking about the most expensive hotels we ever stayed at. I would imagine after dozens and dozens of washing and bleaching these towels may equal those used at the Waldorf-Astoria and the Plaza in New York City. You won’t find much lint on your lint trap after drying. These will last a lifetime!!!” — PS

“Just finished washing towels and not one speck of lint! Just what I wanted. These towels are not plushy. They are quick dry, so they’re textured and a lighter weight than a traditional thick plush towel. It is exactly what I wanted. In Europe they use towels like this because many homes do not have dryers; everything is line-dried. The thick plushy towels don’t dry well and easily get musty and odorous. These are A+++.” — Sammi


Swap out that old bath mat for a luxe stone bath mat

This sustainable product is made out of diatomaceous earth and recycled paper!

My boyfriend recently upgraded his bathroom with these, so I’ve been able to test them out in person. And I have to say, it really is just like how one reviewer described it: like the water is basically being sucked off your feet — and then the mats themselves dry super quickly, almost like magic. They’re definitely a bit smaller than I anticipated (my partner ended up getting several and positioning them together) but since they work so well at drying your feet, you also don’t need a ton of surface area. The dimensions (just so you know, in case you want to grab two) are 26.5″ x 15.4″.

Get a closer look at the white version on TikTok!

Promising review: “This is our second Dorai bath stone; we are adding them to all of our bathrooms. This design and usefulness of this product is undisputed. We no longer have water on our floors, reducing the chance of slipping on wet floors. These need to be in every home in the US.” — B. Henricks

Invest in pretty cups that’ll make drinking coffee feel meaningful

Promising review (for the sunflower coaster mug): “I bought this completely on a whim, and it was totally worth it. Adorable cup, a lot bigger than I expected it to be! I haven’t put anything in it yet, so I can’t say whether or not it stains, but it’s still very cute regardless.” — AEL

Promising review (for the glass mug): “These mugs are adorable!! They’re heavyweight and sturdy, large enough to hold the largest Keurig size, can be used with hot or cold drinks, and they came packaged well!” — Asha Patel

And pick up a gorgeous Grosche moka pot, aka a stovetop espresso maker

Check it out on TikTok! The reviewer demonstrates how they use it on the stove for making espresso for their lattes.

Promising review: “Greatest purchase in the last five years!!! I have always been a coffee drinker but I recently purchased a moka pot to make iced espressos during the summer. Quickly it became an everyday thing! I love this moka pot more than any other item in my kitchen other than my actual coffee pot brewer! I had bought a cheap one elsewhere and that lasted about three weeks before falling apart. I spent a little more money for a quality product and have never looked back! I recommend this particular moka pot as it was slightly more than the cheap ones but less than some of the bigger name brands. It has lasted me two and a half years now without ever giving me a problem. Definitely a customer for life.” — A. Arvy

Instead of scooping into your regular sugar jar, use sugar cubes

Promising review: “What else would I use in my fancy cocktails and lattes? Nothing else. Just douse them with colorful aromatic bitters and you have a beautifully made cocktail. I drop them into a glass of champagne and my girlfriend squeals with delights. They’re a great way to celebrate old school by serving them with coffee or espresso — one lump or two?” — Phil Philson

Keep a gold candle snuffer on hand for extinguishing your candles

You can see it used near the end of this TikTok!

Promising reviews: “This snuffer does the job. I bought it to snuff out my tea candles so that I’m not blowing wax everywhere. It works perfectly. I like the weight and it looks very pretty sitting on the mantle. The price is perfect also.” — Mary Lesane

“This is a candle must-have! I used to blow my candles out but sometimes I get nervous I’ll blow ember all over the place, no good. But this helps snuffing out the candles.” — Jennifer Frances Castro

Elegantly display jewelry, perfume or other items on a gold decorative mirror

You can see it in this TikTok rounding up Amazon home must-haves! And check out more affordable mirrors like this if you’re planning to replicate the gallery wall look above.

Promising review: “The mirror looks exactly like the pictures and was an absolute STEAL. So glad I found this. It’s the perfect size for me to easily see my shoulders from just holding it an arms length away! It’s super lightweight, so don’t worry about it being too heavy for the nail. It came completely undamaged! Looks super vintage and great for doing hairstyles and makeup in! It can also be a jewelry dish if you’re into that kind of thing.” — Rhonda Farias


Make your bed feel luxurious with affordable satin pillowcases

These have a hidden zipper so your pillow stays put and doesn’t slip out!

Check them out on TikTok.

Promising review: “I really love this pillowcase! Not only is it super cute, but it really does what it’s supposed to as far as preserving your hair overnight. As a member of the Natural Hair Community, a satin pillowcase is a MUST and this pillowcase really gets the job done! It really helps to retain the moisture in Black hair and keeps my kinky curly hair from being all over the place when I wake up. That is really beneficial for me because I’m a wild sleeper and having this pillowcase just makes it that much easier to tame my hair because it is not as dry as it would be from a regular pillowcase. I’ve also had no problems with washing it and it still keeping up. I’ve thrown it in the regular washer and dryer a couple of times, and it’s still durable, satiny, and the color is not washed or faded. I definitely recommend this pillowcase for all hair types, but especially ones in the 3a-4c range.” — Morgan123ThatsMe

Britt Ross / BuzzFeed

Infuse your water with lemons, berries, mint leaves, ginger or other ingredients

It comes with an insulation sleeve, cleaning brush and recipe booklet!

My former colleague Britt Ross says, “I am one of those people who has, until recently, gone through life thinking, ‘Why would I drink water when there are other beverages that actually taste good to be had?’ Well, I received this gizmo as a birthday gift from my water-loving husband as a not-so-subtle hint to change my ways, and lo and behold, it’s been a revelation. I often have lemon remnants left over from cooking and baking, and they’re the perfect things to throw into the infuser section of the bottle to liven things up. It’s amazing what a little fruitiness can do — I can guzzle a whole bottle easily! Plus, it’s much easier to clean than you’d think (each section comes apart and there’s an included brush!), and there’s a grippy section on the side so it doesn’t slip out of your hand. Oh, and did I mention it has not ever leaked?! 10/10, no notes, buy it NOW!!!”

Promising review: “This is my new obsession! I can’t believe how much joy a little thing like this can bring, but I just love it! I love experimenting with new fruit and herb combos (orange/blackberry/mint, and lemon/ cucumber are my favorites so far). I drink much more water now, and my skin is glowing! And it’s so cheap but feels so fancy. Buy it, of course!” — Kindle customer 1

Cover your sunniest windows in prismatic film

The all-over window film is a great option if you’re looking to add privacy (covering a window while still letting sunlight through), while the smaller clings are even easy to apply and also double as anti-collision decals for birds. And the crystal ball suncatchers might be small, but they’ll make the whole room sparkle with mini rainbows when the sun hits them just right. Reviewers say they look and feel way more expensive than they are!

Promising review (for the prismatic film):
“It amazes me that this clear window cling has no coloring in it — that is until the sun or lighting shines on it. Then watch the light show begin! A full spectrum of colors gets projected from the cling onto the wall and onto the floor when the sun hits the cling. At night, the porch light turns the clear cling into a colorful stained glass-like window. It offers a bit of privacy, too. I am very happy with this purchase!” — Amazon customer

Treat yourself to a good face mask at least once a week

Check out a TikTok of the foaming mask in action.

Promising review: “I love this stuff! I received some for a gift and then purchased it for my daughter from Amazon. It feels like a clay mask going on, and then starts bubbling and turns to a thinner substance when it’s done. I feel like it is very gentle on my face. My skin feels amazing after I wash it off. It feels like I used moisturizer, even though I did not. I hear that these masks are very popular in Japan.” — L. Shea

Capri Blue

Add scent booster every time you do laundry

It’s featured in this TikTok!

Promising reviews: “I read many reviews of the volcano scent booster and knew I had to try it to freshen up my laundry. I’m so glad I tried it because I love the scent and my laundry smells divine, and so far it really seems to last. It’s out of stock often from what I gather, so I bought two to start with and all set for a while now. I love this stuff and will definitely be repurchasing as needed.” — Kelli E.

“I am in love with this scent booster! I have sensitive skin and always thought I couldn’t use scented laundry items, but no issues! Particularly love on my towels and bed linens, but also when I wash dog beds and kid backpacks 🙂 in addition to my clothes. Love!!” — Melissa D.


Replace your rough duvet cover with a shaggy faux-fur one

One side is faux-fur and the other side is plush velvet; the twin set comes with one pom-pom fringed pillow sham and other size sets include two.

Promising review: “If my house caught on fire, this is the first thing I’d grab. But seriously, this is one of my favorite things in my whole house. I feel like it tied my entire room together. I get so many compliments on it and it’s seriously so cozy and well made. My only complaint would be how hard this thing makes it to get out of bed in the mornings. It’s incredibly soft and isn’t the type of ‘fur’ that will mat and get gross-looking over time. I rely heavily on reviews when I buy things so I’m here to tell you — if you’re on the fence about buying this … do it!! Also, the pillowcases are amazing. Super soft and the pom-pom fringe is adorable.” — SK

And invest in a pair of hotel-quality pillows

Did I mention they have 160,000 5-star ratings??

Promising review: “These had great reviews but I was still a bit skeptical. I’m a bit of a pillow snob. These pillows — these amazing, heavenly pillows — are now my favorite part of going to bed. Soft but firm. How does that work? It gives support for me to sleep slightly propped up but I sink into this comfortable personal cloud. Soft, but firm. My head isn’t sinking through the pillow to rest on my mattress, but I feel comfortably enveloped. Now mind you, I have one very cheap Walmart pillow behind it so I’m not against my headboard, but even still. Heaven. I bought two but think that would be too much fluff so now my husband and I each have one. Buy them. Add to cart. Buy now with one click. Stop the research. You’ve found the pillows you were looking for.” — Marissa Urey


Grab a set of breathable, cooling bed sheets

Promising review: “I am a very hot sleeper therefore, I am very picky about my sheets. These sheets are very comfortable and do not make me hot. They are soft and very comfortable. Also, the company is great to work with! Excellent customer service! When my sheets arrived, there was a small problem with the fitted sheet so I emailed them (the sheets came with a flier with their contact info) and they sent me another fitted sheet right away. They said they are a family owned business and really want the customer to have a great experience. I was impressed with that level of service especially in this day and age! Bottom line: great sheets, excellent customer service and great price! Do not hesitate to buy!” — Amazon customer

Line your bedroom drawers with elegant floral-patterned scented paper

Promising reviews: “I am very pleased with these scented drawer liners! They are perfect for my bedroom chest of drawers. The paper is heavy and the scent is wonderful. I love it! I may buy them as gifts.” — Jennifer

“This is a traditional scented drawer liner paper — the kind people used for decades before modern adhesive (plastic) papers — and it’s beautiful. I purchased the royal bloom scent and it smells like fresh pears. The paper comes in a tight roll and I suggest reverse rolling or laying it flat and weighing it down for a night before installing it. I very much prefer non-adhesive paper like this because it is easy to install and replace, but also because it is old-school elegance.” — Trillium

Fill that empty corner with an artificial olive tree

Reviewers say it’s quite top-heavy, so just make sure to support it at the bottom with blankets, rocks, or something else heavy. You’ll want to move it onto a larger pot or basket too for a more natural look — this woven seagrass basket is a popular pick!

You can see a similar one from Amazon on TikTok!

Promising review: “Bought this after reading the reviews. I am picky when it comes to artificial plants. I am VERY happy with it. I love the look of it in my room. Very real-looking and had it unboxed and in place very quickly. I would highly recommend it.” — Nancy W.

Display flowers in an aesthetic vase

Peep this gorgeous book vase on TikTok!

Promising review: “The vase was a beautiful gift! My friend loved it! From color to size to just overall quality, it was perfect! Definitely will be ordering more colors! It’s something that would be perfect in any room or gift for any book lover!” — Brandon

Start your day by using an ice roller

Stick it in the freezer, apply your favorite moisturizer on your face and then sweep the roller all over. Reviewers also swear by this migraines and cooling down on hot days, so it’s multitalented.

Watch how it’s used by one reviewer to address morning eye puffiness on TikTok!

Promising review: “I was skeptical about this product. I wasn’t sure how it was much different than rolling any other frozen thing on your body. I’m beyond pleasantly surprised. I’ve used it for sinus pain, migraines, swollen neck glands, under-eye circles/bags, inflamed acne, TMJ pain, etc. Not to mention, when I used it on my face, it leaves my skin feeling tight and wakes me up in the mornings. It also stays cold for forever but never sweats or leaves water behind. It’s like magic. I also bought one for my mom who suffers from nerve damage in her arms and legs. I think it’ll really help when she has bad pain days.” — Jessica McRee

Hey Dewy

And pamper your dry skin with a portable facial humidifier

This is the newer wireless model, which means you can take it to the office, keep it with you in the car and pack it for a trip. This rechargeable 12.4-ounce humidifier can run for up to eight hours straight!

Hey Dewy was cofounded by Cindy Kang, a Korean-born entrepreneur who spent 15 years in dry, stale offices before dreaming up a portable cordless humidifier that could be used anywhere.
Promising reviews: “I love my little humidifier! I work in private aviation and travel for a living. I bring this on every flight to add some moisture in the air (guests on board love it) and it’s great for those dry hotel rooms. I also use it when I’m sick and a lot of the time I will hold it up to my face for extra moisture. Very happy with this purchase!” — Sydney B.

“I loveeee this little machine. It helped so much with my allergies at night, and my nasal passages! They aren’t so dry anymore. I AM literally about to order more as I type this!” — Jai M.

Organize your fridge using clear bins

You can use these in your pantry too!

Promising reviews: “If you watch all those TikTok videos that show people taking care of their fridge with perfect organization, these are definitely the storage units to start with! I personally love organization and wish I could use more of these in the fridge but my family doesn’t agree so…they can absolutely be used in other areas of the home as well!” — Aysha Mirza

“Ok, I’m a bit of an over-organizer (if there is such a thing). But my refrigerator was seriously lacking in organization. These beauties did the trick. No more fruit rolling around, grapes being crushed, cheese sticks everywhere, cold cuts hiding. I love them. And they make keeping the refrigerator clean easy, pop them out and rinse.” — DLWH


Swap out those boring white light switch covers

MindFlowers is a woman-owned small biz creating ’60s- and ’70s-inspired clothing, accessories and home decor. Her psychedelic designs are meant to empower any and everybody with a focus on eco-friendly production. Check out some of the gorgeous designs for these light switch covers and how easily they’re installed in this TikTok!

Promising review: “These light switch covers are SO cute! And they’re completely unlike anything I’ve seen before from other stores. I’ve always wanted to upgrade my light switch covers to something more colorful and exciting but couldn’t find anything I loved or that really matched my style. These are PERFECT. And so high quality! They’re thicker than normal/standard light switch covers so I was happy to see that longer screws were included to install them. Shipping took a long time but I wasn’t in a rush and they were worth the wait.” — Kayla H.

Bleucoin / Etsy

Upgrade your staircase with very little effort using riser decals

Get a closer look at these and how easily they’re applied on TikTok!

Bleucoin is a small shop based in India that sells a stylish variety of decals for walls, stairs, tile and more.

Promising review: “I’m the biggest skeptic and also the most critical of imperfections…and I give this product a 100% approval! Super-high-quality materials, the colors are vibrant and the patterns are gorgeous, soooo easy to install (like ridiculously easy), and the shipping was lightning fast. Excellent communication by seller. I will totally be purchasing from them again!” — kurstinhollenbeck

Sweet Pea Wall Design / Etsy

And apply removable wallpaper for contrast

Sweet Pea Wall Design is a business based in Charlottesville, Virginia, that specializes in vivid and easy-to-apply removable wallpaper.

Promising review: “Beautiful wallpaper. Delivered very fast, easy to install. Looks perfect in our office.” — Marta


Invest in a quality pair of silk pajamas

Though I haven’t tried this sleep set yet, I have a silk robe from Lunya that my sister-in-law got me a couple of years ago and it’s hands-down the most luxurious thing I own. It’s true 100% silk (like these PJs) and has the most incredible buttery soft texture to it — so I can only imagine what it’d feel like to fall asleep in one of their silk sets. Psst — you can check out more of their washable silk styles if you prefer a long-sleeve set, for instance. And see our guide to the best silk pajamas for more options elsewhere!

Promising reviews: “I am so obsessed with this silk set. It is so comfortable to wear and the material is so soft. I live in Southern California, and this is the only thing I can wear in the summer. Unlike other material, this silk won’t add any warmth to your body. Just feels like being naked! Silk material does get wrinkle easily, but I don’t think these PJs wrinkle that bad, at least I don’t mind.” — Smart10

“I cannot say enough how much I love Lunya silk pajamas. The sleep top is VERY oversized and loose, but in a good way. I find the photos of the fit on Lunya’s website accurate, with the back of the top’s length going past the shorts (I’m 5’5) . I find the shorts to be true to size. The best thing is these actually wash well and are so silky soft. I’m more of a neutrals fan, but ordered the pink and I’m obsessed.” — JBJBJB33

And treat your feet to a popular pair of criss-cross faux fur slippers

Both the seller and reviewers suggest going one size up to ensure a proper fit!

Promising reviews: “Fluffy and luxurious. Have you ever wondered what walking on clouds feels like? Well, you should get these sandals! They are gorgeous and so fluffy! I got them just for fun, and I love walking around at home with them because they make me feel so fancy as I go make my coffee in my pajamas! I high recommend them if you want a nicer looking sandal to walk around at home.” — Zumbatini

These slippers feel like a hug on my feet. They have a hard bottom so you can wear them out. The top part is so incredibly soft!!! I love these! If you’re worried about sizing, size up.” — Cyndi Lundeberg

Reach for a chunky-heeled designer lookalike

Promising reviews: “These are the cutest platforms ever!!!!!! They’re super comfortable and easy to walk in. Run, don’t walk to get a pair. They’re perfect for date night.” — Janita joseph

“Baby goooorl… March yourself into the checkout browser because these are so, so, so good!! They’re really comfortable, which I wasn’t expecting at all except for the ankle strap, but I think that’s because I’m sensitive??? The height was something I was a little scared of, but they’re so easy to walk in I suppose the platform cancels out a portion of the heel. Obviously, they’re not perfect, but if you want that, you should probably go talk to Versace with $1,800 in your pocket.” — Anika

Slip a velvet cover over that stained couch

It’s also machine-washable (so you can try out having a fancy white couch without long-term commitment or stress).

Promising review: “I have never been so excited about a slipcover. Total transformation of our couch and loveseat. I was worried about it not working on our leather couch, but it stays on really well due to the straps and the separate cushion covers. LOVE.” — Brian/Liz


Inject a bit of fancy spa resort energy by swapping in waterfall faucets

Promising review: “Very impressed with the high-quality and thoughtful design of this sweet little waterfall bathroom faucet. It really upgraded and modernized the look of our bathroom, and it was a great relief to discard the dated, worn, corroded faucet it replaced. The installation was fairly straightforward and pain-free.” — EHL

Install a high-pressure rainfall showerhead

Check out how easy this is to set up in this TikTok!

Promising review (it’s long but worth the read!): “Once upon a time, my overpriced apartment had a shower that required I stand on my tip-toes for prime water-stream positioning due to the shower’s narrow position and my short stature. Why am I living like that, might you ask? Because this grad-school budget hasn’t allowed for much else — OR SO I THOUGHT. This showerhead is well within a reasonable budget and goes well beyond the bang for its buck. I should have known I was in for a treat by the sleek stainless steel with chrome finish but my journey was only just beginning. For the independent handywoman I am, I was initially intimidated by installation as my plumbing expertise ends with removing hair from the drain. Luckily, it comes packaged with a small wrench and a single-paged instruction sheet that was within my attention span to follow. We were up and running in under 10 minutes and I could not wait to hop in. Once I did, the luxury I experienced could’ve fooled me into thinking I was anywhere but my own shower. The stream is wide enough that I feel like I’m getting hugged by the goddess of the sea Amphitrite herself but still controlled to not spit on me if I step out of its line of fire. Its pressure, meanwhile, is soft enough to maximize relaxation while still giving enough strength to get all the shampoo out of my thick, unkempt hair. I would say more but I’d rather go shower for the third time today. I’ll leave it at this: Love yourself and your shower mates. There’s no reason not to — you all deserve this experience too.” — Amazon customer

Eucalyptus Blooms / Etsy

Then hang a bundle of fresh eucalyptus in your shower

These bundles are put together and sold by Eucalyptus Blooms, a small woman-owned shop based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Promising reviews: “Exceeded my expectations!!! I received my bundle quickly and it was packaged well. Very fragrant and I appreciated the hook that was included with the bundle to hang it right in my shower. I am definitely enjoying the aroma of eucalyptus as I shower.” — Mcjunkinst

“Love this!!!! Will absolutely buy again. My eucalyptus bunch is still going strong after a couple weeks. Adds a spa-like quality to my daily shower!!!” — elizabethghall09

Add a little bling to your cabinets with gold cabinet pulls

Promising review: “If you have any doubts in your mind about these handle pulls…don’t!!! They are absolutely stunning in person. They are heavy and have a lux weighted feel and look to them. The brushed brass gleams the perfect amount. I truly get so happy every time I walk into my kitchen. These handle pulls make it magnificent. They’re like jewelry for your kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with them.” — Ravi S

Resurface a counter with a waterproof, stain-resistant faux marble granite adhesive

It took most reviewers less than an hour to completely revamp their desks and it was two hours tops for others (depending on how much space you’re redoing!). Psst — If you pick this up, check out this reviewer’s great installation tips for applying it to a desk!

Promising review: “Wow, seriously love this stuff! Completely transformed the space I’m working on. I LOVE that it’s shiny with a smooth finish… instantly felt luxurious especially compared to how it looked before!” — Natalie Logan

Bring an interesting flair to plain walls and doors with premade wall panels

Some reviewers used mounting tape in their apartments for a no-damage-to-the-walls installation while others added these panels onto their doors and kitchen islands!

Promising review:
“Moldings came in well-packed and quickly. I am a 66-year-old grandma and installed it myself. Super easy to install. Used white lightning-speed grip from Sherwin Williams to adhere the panels. These panels gave a ‘high-end’ look to an otherwise drab wall and peninsula. So classic and affordable and it will never go out of style! I ordered four too many and had no problem returning for a full refund. I would HIGHLY recommend this product for a custom-designed look. Use your imagination!” — JM

Hang a bed canopy to make your bedroom feel like even more of cozy sanctuary

Hang some vines and/or fairy lights to really add to that fairytale vibe! It can also help serve as a room divider.

Promising review: “So cute, so easy to install! Literally like four hooks and tie backs and you’re done. Jazz it up with some twinkle lights (not included) and you are golden. I swear laying in bed at night I feel like a princess. Especially because I always wanted one of these as a little girl.” — Krystle


Sett up a velvet tufted headboard in a gorgeous color

This is def a more expensive upgrade but worth considering if you feel like your bed setup needs a little extra oomph.

Promising review: “You know how you hate buying something online because you’re not sure if it’s going to be crap? Well let me tell you, this is one of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s excellent quality. The foam is nice and plush and you can’t feel the board. If you ever need to move, the whole thing folds in half and the legs and all the part fit in a zipper compartment in the back for easy transport. Would be perfect for some one who stages homes because of how portable it is but the quality is A+.” — T. Sayer

Add a vintage-y touch to your garage with decorative hinges

And you can easily take them off if you move! Plus, if you really want to complete the look, you can also add some magnetic windows to the top (like the picture above shows).

Promising reviews:A really simple, affordable way to add a luxury upgrade to your home! I didn’t realize how easy these would be to install when I bought them. They’re just magnetic and snap onto your garage! They move around really easily and add an instant eye-catcher.” — Samantha L.

I didn’t think these would last through one Oklahoma Spring tornado season but they have. They were easy to install and very durable. They add a very unique touch to my new garage doors.” — Lila S.

Opt for elegant sheer curtains instead of dark, heavy ones

If you don’t want to get rid of your blackout curtains entirely, you can always layer them with sheers and keep them tied back when not in use! I switched to sheer curtains when I moved into my new NYC apartment over a year ago and I honestly feel a bit more luxurious just having them around and seeing them lightly sway when I have my window open and they catch a breeze. They’re just the best!!

Promising reviews: “I LOVE THESE! I was looking for something to brighten my apartment up and to make it feel bigger. I’m so, so, so glad I decided to go with these! I was so scared while opening them. I ordered four white 95-inch sets. I just threw them in the dryer for two to three minutes to de-wrinkle them and hung them. These are amazingly cheap for how nice they are! Definitely makes my apartment feel like HOME. I would recommend these to anyone.” — Amazon customer

“After quotes of $3,000 for blinds, I decided to rethink our window dressing and ordered these sheer curtains. They have brought elegance and luxury to our home. Highly recommended. Better than the blinds I was looking at!!” — Paul M. Hammond

Or pair them with gorgeous velvet curtains

Get a closer look at these on TikTok!

Note that the listing describes these as “blackout” curtains, but some light may still filter through if you get a lighter color.

Promising review: “Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!!! I did a lot of homework on finding the perfect curtains for our new home addition. I needed a lot of them, something pretty, full and good insulation. It could get very expensive, these were more than I could have wanted, and at such a great price…I ended up getting the longer ones because they cost less (I needed 12 panels). As a result of longer ones, they are fuller on the bottom, look so lovely and I get all the compliments. My mom is a designer and I grew up being particular about fabric and how things are made, these are well-constructed and have gorgeous lining, lots of detail put into these, thank you!! Also, they are true to color ;)” — Mrs.

Bring ambient lighting into your home

These under-the-cabinet lights are battery-powered and come with a remote that will allow you to power them on and off, change their intensity and set them to be motion-activated.

Promising review: “I just remodeled my kitchen and wanted lights under my cabinets to give it a cozy feel. I wanted something easy to install but effective. These lights are great! You can adjust the brightness and can even put them on a timer so they turn off on their own after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. They come with a sticky tape to attach to cabinets but I also added sticky back Velcro and they have stayed on perfectly. The company sent me an email offering any assistance if I should need it. I absolutely LOVE them and would recommend.” — Lisa Corey

Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

Swapping that old bar of soap for a bottle of foaming hand soap

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Emma Lord uses this fun, floral soap and says, “Not only is it super hydrating for my hands, but the yuzu scent is also just calming and lovely and I’m obsessed with how light and frothy the foaming suds are from the soap.”

Promising review: “I will admit, I first saw this soap on TikTok and thought that it would be a nice soap to try since I do seem to be washing my hands all the time these days. I was so excited when I received it to give it a try, really just to see the pretty foam flower. I was very pleasantly surprised when I pushed down (twice) to get the foam to come out. Not only is the flower cute, but the foam is thick and luxurious and makes your hands feel totally moisturized after you wash them. The smell is very pretty and not overpowering at all. My teenager loves it too and is now finally washing her hands more like she is supposed to. I bought them for every bathroom in the house as well as the kitchen. I almost don’t want to recommend it so they don’t run out of stock!” — Audra Williams

Get a tub caddy that’ll inspire relaxation

It’s not only size-adjustable to accommodate different tubs; it also comes equipped with a wineglass holder, edges that safely prop up a book or tablet, a candle holder and extra space for whatever else your cozy heart desires.

Promising review: “When I placed my order for this tray I looked at the pics but did not realize how really cool this piece is. The ability to change the size is great, but I just love the different trays that are removable as well as the ability to put my phone and a Kindle in ‘safe’ areas of the tray. I found a perfect place for my TV remote should I want to watch TV and not read. I just got it and used it last night but it appears to be well-made, balanced, and offers versatility for the things you may want at your fingertips when taking a luxurious bath!” — SindiMcG


Keep a jar of whipped shower icing nearby

Indulgence Spa is a Maryland-based, Black woman-owned Etsy shop established in 2015 that specializes in soaps, hair care and body products.

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Emma Lord says, “I started using this in the Three Wishes Tea flavor (a combo of tea leaves, peaches, rosebuds and marigolds) and the smell alone is swoon-worthy, but I love love love how it feels in the shower. It has a satisfying creamy whipped texture, but suds up when you use it so you get that nice satisfying squeaky clean feeling, too. It’s lasting a long time, too (which is great, but means I have to wait a little longer to try the other flavors).”

Promising review: “Very delicious and very rich! I bought a set in the Black Opium fragrance, which smells just divine! I will definitely buy again.” — invisible9

Then wrap up in a splurge-worthy Barefoot Dreams robe

Prime members: You can try before you buy!

Promising reviews: “At first, I thought the robe was too big and bulky. I was ready to send it back. But one night I was really cold and put it on. Eureka! Now I know why my kids told me it has a cult following. It’s so soft and keeps me warm without making me overheated. Love it!!” — Brian L. Gesch

If you want the softest, yummiest robe ever, this is for you! It engulfs you in softness, it breathes so you don’t glisten while wearing it. Mine is floor length, so I can pull my legs up on the couch or chair, and relax! I wish you could slip it on right now and feel its softness! It washes up beautifully too!” — Luvstawkin

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