15 Children’s Books That Feature LGBTQ Characters

15 Children’s Books That Feature LGBTQ Characters

Exposing all children to inclusive books is important in so many ways. A diverse picture book library offers children with plenty of “mirrors” (in which they see their own experiences reflected back at them) and “windows” (through which they learn to connect with and care about others who are different from them).

These 15 picture books all put LGBTQ characters front and center, and they’re a mix of “any child” books ― in which the characters’ sexual orientation or gender identity is not central to the plot ― as well as those that make LGBTQ identities a part of the storyline.

They’ll help even the youngest readers begin to grapple with issues such as gender norms and discrimination — all while appealing to their sense of imagination with beautiful pictures and big adventures.

This story is part of a HuffPost Parents project called I See Me, a series for all parents and kids on the power of representation. We know how important it is for kids to see people that look like them on the biggest stages, from politics to sports and entertainment and beyond. Throughout February, we’ll explore the importance of representation in teaching kids about difference, acceptance, privilege and upstanding.

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