When compared side-by-side, you will discover that Prenatal Ultrasounds HDLive 3D/4D Boutique Ultrasound Studio is undeniably truly the only choice for the mom-to-be.

At Prenatal Ultrasounds, we strive to continue to provide you with only the best services and the best experiences for the best prices!
Established in Spring 2005, we are proud to be the first facility to provide moms-to-be and their loved ones with a unique opportunity to experience the miracle of life. We have provided our unrivaled experience to over 50,000 expecting mothers, giving us the undeniable experience that you deserve. We are confident that we are the best at providing you with the experience you deserve and “Dare You to Compare”

Our “Dare to Compare” is our challenge to educate you to assure that you will be receiving the best service, the best experience, guaranteed! We have provided a list of things you need to know before making your choice.

1. Are they a part of a franchise?
Most franchises are “cookie cutter” business models. This means that they are not unique. Most of their websites are similar, if not the same. The content and the 3D ultrasound photos are duplicates and not unique to that facility. Their testimonials may possibly be generic. Their price structure is governed by the franchisor. Do not be misguided by the claimed associations or certifications they may have. Read more into what the association is for, who they represent and how long has that association/organization been established. Any individual or entity can for an association and create its own seal.

Prenatal Ultrasounds IS NOT part of any franchise. We are independently owned and operated giving us the flexibility to provide you with unique services for moms-to-be unlike any other in Central Florida. We have set the highest standard with our packages, our services, our prices, and even our website. Feel free to do a search on Google to find and compare other facilities websites, their services and their content (ie. price, descriptions).

2. How long have they been in business?
Experience matters! We are proud to be the best and most experienced in Central Florida at providing unique services to expecting mothers. All of our services are unique to Prenatal Ultrasounds. No other facility in Central Florida has provided our list of services to moms-to-be longer than Prenatal Ultrasounds. Invest your time, money and unique experience wisely. Choose the facility that has an established history and the most experience in the service that they provide. Do not be afraid to ask detailed questions. Such questions may include, “When did you first open?” If they just opened, they most likely do not have the experience necessary to assure the best services, and most importantly, images of your baby.

3. How much experience does the staff have?
Prenatal Ultrasounds prides ourselves in having the most experienced staff members. Our technicians have years of experience that has been trusted by many mothers, including celebrities and heiresses. Trust the company that provides the most experienced staff. Ask for samples of their work or true written testimonials that you can verify with their clients.