Gender Determination Package Details ($75)


Our gender determination package are always done in the traditional 2D, black & white ultrasound. You’ll receive a 15minute 2D ultrasound fully recorded with music on a DVD and a CR-ROM containing ALL the 2D and 3D ultrasound images we capture throughout the duration of your session. In addition, you will receive $50 credit toward the purchase of any 3D/4D package of your choice when you elect to return during the same pregnancy (*excludes any special promoted packages). We perform these ultrasounds and provide you with a 100% guarantee of the gender of your baby at 14 weeks. If for any reason your baby is being uncooperative, we’ll bring you back again at no extra charge, to assure we are 100% accurate!

Gender Ultrasound Session

[ul style=”13″] [li style=”13″]15 minute ultrasound session fully recorded onto a DVD showing your baby’s movements with lullaby background music (*no video snippets – full length video recording). Session conducted in the 2D primarily to find out gender, then 3D and 4D ultrasound thereafter[/li] [li style=”13″]CD-ROM of your 2D ultrasound images we capture throughout your session.[/li] [li style=”13″]Special Mommy Bag Exclusively Available at our office which includes:[/li] [li style=”13″]Various National and Local Print Publications[/li] [li style=”13″]Miscellaneous Sample Products (ie. diapers & milk)[/li] [li style=”13″]As Your Baby Grows” Educational Booklet[/li] [li style=”1″]50 OFF on any 3D/4D Ultrasound Package for the same pregnancy (restrictions apply, call for details)[/li] [/ul]

Please call us at (407) 521-8390 if you need any help in choosing the best package for you and we will be happy to offer advice and recommendations based on your personal requests.